Own Yourself

Hold me to the light,
And I will burn to dust.
Keep me in the dark,
And I will whither away.

What do I mean to you?
What do I do for you?
What do you see in me?
What do you ask of me?

I guard none of the doors,
I hold none of the keys.
What I can offer to you,
Is not what I am to you.

Do not seek greater meaning,
Do not seek something other,
Do not seek a greater whole,
Within myself.

I am not always something.
I am not ever nothing.

See me now,
I exist.
See me not,
I exist.

Ask me follow,
I will heed.
Order me follow,
I will falter.

See my own meaning.
Find your own path.
Seek some other mirror.
Find another fool.

Hold me to the light,
Burn me away.
Keep me in the dark,
I will not stay.