There was a young woman that had short purple hair covering her left eye. She wore a black suit that had a lot of holes in it and inside the holes there were a lot of scars in every hole, she had black boots and at her waist she had a sword with four mini daggers all of her weapons had "Angelica" inscribed into the side of the blade of them, and she wore a black cloak to cover up her weapons and holes in her outfit. The woman's name was Angelica and her face was always pale along with the rest of her skin.

Angelica didn't have a home since she was bounty hunter of sorts. She was hunting the all-famous Vash the Stampede, The Humoid Typhoon. She'd been after him for nine years and she took a vow she'd never stop hunting him until she was dead or he was. She was putting her life on the line, just to do her job. Angelica always dreamed of that day she'd finally come face to face with Vash the Stamped That she never wanted to give up on her hope of finding Vash the Stampede even if it took a long time to find him and then kill him.

She wouldn't be happy until she found Vash, she rarely slept, and she did eat from time to time but not very often only when she was hungry. Angelica had to be careful of who she talked to so she didn't blow her cover even though she was sure none of them had a good contact with Vash but she never wanted to assume the best. Also she wanted to be sure that she didn't get into any fights because if she did that would just delay her time to get to Vash.

Many times when Angelica got into a fight she just did a tad bit of sweet talking or murdered the person that wanted to fight her. Angelica had no mercy of those she killed, she had no remorse, she just kept her head up, with blood on her or not, she just kept going. Angelica was a very violent person she felt like it was her duty that she had to be evil, quick, cunning and violent.

One sunny happy day for most people, except for Angelica but she saw a man in a red coat, spiked blonde hair and a silver ear ring in one ear. Instead of him walking away from her, he was walking toward her. She squinted her eyes to see if it was really Vash. Much to her surprise it was Vash and he had quickened his pace and his arm suddenly turned into a gun and then he suddenly stopped running. Angelica stopped about a guns link away from him.

Vash had aimed his gun at Angelica but he couldn't come to shoot her. He wanted to but he couldn't for some reason deep down inside of him he just couldn't come to put that much harm on a lady.

"What's wrong, Vash, can't you shoot me?"

"Angelica, you know I can't harm a lady" He had replied.

"How'd you know my name?"

"The dagger at your side says "Angelica" on it, doesn't it?"

"Never mind that point, but anyways, but you'd rather die than fight for your life?"

"No." He'd said sharply.

"You going soft on me then?!?"

"NEVER!" He'd yelled. By now a crowd of people had gathered around them.

"Then shoot me, Damn it!"

"Why do you want to die?"

"Maybe." She had put a cigarette in her mouth and lit it.

"You've got a reason don't you?"

-Takes cigarette out of mouth and blows smoke- "As I said, Maybe." -takes a long drag out of her cigarette-

"Smoking is bad for you, don't you know?"

-Takes out cigarette- "Does it look like I care? Are you going to shoot me or not?!"

Vash had finally gotten up the courage to shoot her twice in the stomach making two new holes in her suit.

"Finally, I'd thought you'd never do that...Your just a tad chicken, if I were a male you would have no problem, wouldn't you?"

"Maybe, besides you know that wasn't easy."

Angelica slowly went into her cloak to grab out a dagger and stabbed him in the stomach, she didn't want to kill him just yet, and she'd meet him again and then kill him upon their second time of meeting. While she was thinking Vash shot her a third time in the stomach. She fell to the ground with a big thud. As soon she hit the ground her eyes turned blood red. Angelica slowly stood up, put a new cigarette in her mouth and lit it. She stared him in the eyes very evilly and said,

"I'll come back for you later."

"Try to, it took you nine years to try to find me, you still didn't find ME, I found YOU!"

"Bastard." She muttered

"Touchy are you?"

"Screw you." She said as she walked off to the north.

Vash had waited until she was out of site and stumbled to the hospital. He told the nurse at the ER that he needed to see a doctor and pointed to his stomach that had the dagger still in it and finally he passed out.

The nurse ran to get a doctor, a surgeon and a bed. They all ran to the operation room, they took the red coat off of him and they were stunned by all the scars on his body and his mechanical arm but alter they got over their shock and pulled out the dagger out of his stomach, and put the dagger in alcohol. And they put nineteen stitches in his stomach and they gave him a tetanus booster and then they put him in EICU. (For those of you who don't know that's Emergency Intensive Care Unit.) And they waited for him to wake up.

Vash woke up several hours later. He couldn't remember where he was or why he was there but all he knew is that he had a terrible pain in his stomach. Vash looked around he only saw his good friend Nicolous D. Wolfwood.

"Where am I, Wolfwood?"

"EICU, you had surgery."


"Yeah, oh"

"How long have I been here?"

"A few hours, I think."

"You think?"

"You'd been here a while before I got here, I got here after your surgery."

"Oh, last thing I remember was crawling to the hospital."

"Why's that?"

"Angelica stabbed me."

"Ahh.... Did you stab you with this?" He said while pulling up a dagger with "Angelica" inscribed on the blade.

"Yeah, I think so."

"I'll be back in a minute."


Wolfwood had walked out of Vash's room to see when Vash could leave and he came back in with a huge grin on his face.

"What are you grinning about?"

"Get dressed, it's huntin' time."

Vash had gotten dressed then he followed Wolfwood to hunt down Angelica. Days past while Vash and Wolfwood hunted Angelica.

Vash had gotten irritated that just in a couple of hours she was still no were in sight. Vash quickened his pace in order to catch up all the time wasted from him lying in a hospital bed. Wolfwood had gotten irritated that his patience and his lighter were both wearing thin.

Spring passed to summer and finally Vash and Wolfwood found Angelica at a small town pub. Angelica was very drunk and she waltzed over (Tripping and bumping into every thing) to Vash and Wolfwood. Her speech was so slurred it was hard to understand her.

"Heelo Vaas ann Wollwood"

"How much have you had to drink?" Asked Wolfwood.

"Uhhhhhh..... I can't reemeer."

"I think it's time for you to stop now." Said Vash.

"Really." Said Wolfwood.

Vash picked up the tab, and Angelica and took her to a hotel room and watched her sleep to make sure she was asleep, after a while he got up and slept in a different room. Wolfwood and Vash had slept in the same room but different beds. They slept in until a slight knocking noise came from their bedroom door. 'It was Angelica she wanted to talk to them to see if they had anything to get rid of a hangover.

"A swig of Vodka" Both replied at the same time.

"Thanks." She left the room

They waited out Angelica's hangover, and Vash went into where Angelica was staying, and he was wondering if she remembered what she needed to do. He had hoped that she had gotten her self so drunk that she forgot what she was suppose to do.

Angelica had a plan, since she didn't forget what she had to do. Her plan was to get them both vulnerable, and then murder them both. She'd have no remorse, but her job would be done. And she could put it all behind her since she was a bounty hunter, she didn't want to have do anything more or less than her job.

Wolfwood wasn't too sure about this. So just incase she tried anything he had his fingers on the latch of his gun at all times. Wolfwood wanted to keep a close eye on Angelica so she didn't pull anything.

"So, Angelica how are you this morning?" Asked Vash.

"I'm fine, just a slight headache. She replied.

"Well, that's better than a hangover the size of Neptune" sniggered Wolfwood he said as he went to go light a cigarette, Angelica asked if she could have one, and she got one since Wolfwood didn't want to be mean to a lady. She lit it and smoked it. She took a few really long drags from her cigarette and looked about the room like nothing was wrong.

But something was wrong. Angelica started to fall in love with the man she intended to kill. She loved every thing about him, his smile, his caring side, then yet his violent side. Angelica didn't know what to do. What would she do, tell Vash that she loved him, continue with her vow; commit suicide to make it look like she died trying? Now she was stuck in a rock and a hard place. She thought about it for a very long time.

Wolfwood had noticed her cigarette was near the filter and could catch fire any second.

"ANGELICA!" He screamed.

She jumped and asked "What?"

"Your cigarette is about ready to catch fire" While pointing to her cigarette."

"Oh, my lord, your right!" Before she could put it out it caught fire in her hand she screamed and blew her ice breath on it to keep the fire from spreading. Breathing she thought about the fact that she helped save three peoples lives. But the thoughts of suicide, telling Vash, and others still running though her mind, she seriously thought about doing all three. She thought about it a little more, while zoning out she walked into what she thought was her room but it wasn't she didn't realize that until afterwards. She fell asleep on top of Vash who was already asleep.

She woke up the next morning she felt an arm around her body, She slowly realized it was Vash. He still was asleep and he had a smile that was so precious he started to stir but Angelica wriggled free before Vash woke up and noticed Angelica was in his room.

"What are you doing in here?" He had asked very sleepily

"Just checking up on you." She was lying.

"Oh.... Thanks but I'm fine."

"Vash, hypothetically speaking, what would happen IF, only if I told you I loved you?"

Surprised by her question he replied.

"IF you really did love me, I'd have to tell you I'm Flattered, scared, and frightened."

"Why scared and the frightened part?"

"Scared, because you scare me. Frightened because you've tried to kill me, that's all."

"But, Vash, I do love you."

"You, you do?" Very shocked at her statment.

"Yes, Vash I do."

After Angelica re-insured Vash that she loved him a small porthole opened up and Angelica slowly disappeared but when Vash tried to reach though he broke his hand in the prossess. Vash yelled at Wolfwood who wasn't paying attention. Would Wolfwood and Vash had gone to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Angelica was flying though a porthole that looks like you were falling though Outer space. Angelica had finally made up her mind about what she was going to do. She landed on a small mattress after the porthole opened up. As soon as she landed she was shot with a tranquilizer dart.

After Vash woke up the next morning, he thought about what happened the night before, as it was a dream. He completely ignored the fact that he had a broken hand. Vash started to look for Angelica but about ten minutes after he started Wolfwood had stopped him.

"What in the hell are you doing?"

"Looking for Angelica, Why, do you know where se is?"

"Now but she's gone, Sorry about your luck, she disappeared into a small portal yesterday when you reached in you broke your hand." He said while pointing at Vash's hand.

Vash very angry with this grabbed Wolfwood by the collar threw him against the wall.

"YOU LIE!" Vash snapped.

"No I'm not, I wish I were." He had told a bull-faced lie.

Vash had put the hand with the bandage next to Wolfwoods neck, and turned his other hand into a gun and aimed and pointed at Wolfwood's head.


"I AM telling the truth!"

"No you aren't!"

Finally Angelica had convinced her boss to let her go back to Vash. So a small portal opened up and she jumped though. The portal let her out to Vash's bed.


Vash turned and slowly loosened his grip on Wolfwoods neck.

"Angelica where are you?" Vash asked nervously.

She put her hand on his shoulder and that made him jump and turn around.

"Angelica!" He exclaimed and let go of Wolfwood.

"Sorry Bud."

"You better be" Wolfwood said as he fixed his collar.

Vash turned around and started to kiss Angelica. They took a small break then they went into Vash's room the giggles, moans, screams and other things made Wolfwood sick. He could tell they were having sex. So Wolfwood scribbled out a note that read:

"Dear Vash and or Angelica,

I'm going out for a walk I'll be back in a few hours. Vash, your insane, same to you Angelica.

Adios mis Amigos,


Wolfwood grabbed his gun, a lighter, pack of cigarettes and his small wad of cash. He headed out the front door he headed for the local pub. He ordered a couple of drinks he downed them in no time, and he kept drinking. A few hours passed and he stopped. Wolfwood paid his bill, and started back for home, he almost forgot his gun so he he clumsily grabbed it and walked towards home.

Once he got inside the door he collapsed making a huge thud and that made Vash come out in a robe to check on what made that noise. He picked up Wolfwood and put him on his side and let him sleep.

Angelica worried why Vash stopped since she didn't hear the thud like Vash did. She thought it was her and she wanted to cry but she didn't. They later finished what they were doing. Angelica realized that Vash had a tattoo on his right shoulder that said "I 3 Angelica" on it. She felt loved and waited for him to change and she told him to go out of the room for a minute and let her change. Vash had changed into a white t-shirt and blue jeans for him to relax. So while he was out of the room he went to go check on Wolfwood. Angelica changed into a blood red shirt, and a black mini skirt, she grabbed one of her daggers and hid it behind her back and waited for Vash to come back.

When Vash did come back he saw Angelica lying on the bed in her blood red shirt and black mini skirt. Along with the one hand behind her back. She was leaning on her other arm, and he walked toward her and sat on the floor in front of her.

"Vash honey, you know about my job right?"

"Yeah, but I thought you gave up on it." He said with an all concerning look.

"But honey, I have to do something, and quick."

"Just give up, quit and live with me."

She took a ragged breath and told him.

"Vash I love you but I have to do this...."

Angelica grabbed her dagger and stabbed herself in the chest, she screamed once loudly and said "I love you" right before she died.

Wolfwood woke up at the scream and bolted in to where they were, and saw Vash cradling Angelica in his arm, and his white shirt dyed red from all of her blood. Vash was crying and he rocked back and fourth with Angelica in his arms. Her body dead, limp and cold.