Lost Potential

Once upon a time she was your angel
The girl you placed above the rest
With glossy chestnut hair and sapphire eyes
So obvious that she was blessed
An ingenious design of soft flesh
With curves in every right place
Fully complete with immaculate taste
And toped up with a walk of grace
Once upon a time she was your hero
The one whose mind was worth your cheers
An intelligence like you never knew
A wisdom of a thousand years
How skilfully she controlled the black ink
And how the wit flowed from her lips
The numbers bowed down to her every move
Her eyes lost within all the scripts
Once upon a time she was your saviour
A glowing soul erasing doubts
A sparkling aura blazed around her
Opening doors, creating routes
And suddenly your world seemed fine again
With just the touch of her hand
She was somebody who could teach you trust
With a heart that could understand
Oh, but now she is just a gapping void
With eyes so dull- words so hollow
Sarcastic tongue has replaced her bright wit
Is this someone you can follow?
You knew she could have been just anything
Before the voices fucked her head
Shells and shadows of this girl still live on
Oh but the angel- she is dead