Sweet And Sour

Sweet as honey,
Sliding over my lips,
Your gentle hands,
Brush against my hips.

I kiss you again,
But you want more,
And roughly, you push me,
To the floor.

I scream and I kick,
You laugh and you sneer,
My body's in pain,
So I cry out in fear.

Your strong, eager hand,
Clamps over my mouth,
So now I can't breathe,
And now I can't shout.

Sour as lemons,
Bitter taste on my tongue,
Your attack is now over,
The nightmare's begun.

Long years of suffering,
Hell in my head,
Too scared to make friends,
Or to sleep in my bed.

My life was ruined,
Because of your power,
Good became bad,
And sweet became sour.