Secret Affections

Every time I walk to school,
All I think about is you
When I walk up those steps,
All I want to do is tell you how I feel

When I pass you, my heart speeds up
I don't tell anyone, or give clues,
All I do is look at you
My secret is mine to know.

When I walk to my friends,
I hear them talk about you
But all I do is agree with them,
If I defend you, they would wonder

When we're in gym, I try to look for you
When we're in orchestra, I always glace at you
Sometimes I see you glance my way, but
I look away quickly

I don't know why or how,
But I know that you are my crush,
You are my infatuation,
You are my secret affection.


A/N: I hope you like this poem, cause it's, in a way, true. Please