by: Trista Groulx

I'm not ashamed,
I never deny it
I think you do
I think you're ashamed
You said it wouldn't change
You promised it wouldn't
I believed you
I didn't let things change
That was what I needed
I'm not ashamed
A moment of need
A moment of greed
I cannot get back
It doesn't bother me
I'm not ashamed
I never deny it
You were what I wanted
You were what I got
I'm happy
I thought you were too
Things weren't to change
You let them change
I never loved you
I never will
I love another
But I'm not ashamed
We know the truth
The one I love knows it too
I will never deny it
Do what you will
I won't let the secret
It's safe with me
Remember that secret
Next time you walk away