Ladies Creed
by: Trista Groulx

I'm not perfect, I'm just me
I'm not size zero, I'm a proud plus!
I don't care at all, I love me!
I'm not perfect can't you see?
I eat what I like, I like what I eat
Won't make myself sick
Won't make myself stop eating
But keep myself active
Keep myself happy!
I'm not perfect, I'm just me
I love my breasts
I love my bum
And mostly I love me!
I love me for me!
I'm just me, crazy me
I like my body
I like my reflection
The mirror doesn't lie to me
I see myself for who am
I'm just me, a proud plus
I'm just me being me
I love myself
I love everything that is me
Know what else?
Guys like me too!
Some like me better
Why are you stressing?
So you're not prefect
No one is, they're all fake
Love yourself for you
Love your breasts
And love your bum
Just love you, don't be a fool!