I have burn mark on my leg. It is a bit triangle shaped and just a tad darker than the rest of my skin. It happened when I was about four years old. My mother was ironing some clothes. She left the iron on the ironing board while she went to put away the item that she had just unwrinkled to perfection. I came into the room looking for my Sleeping Beauty tape. The ironing board was, of course, strategically placed in front of the movie cabinet. I crawled under the ironing board, tipped it over (clumsy me) and well, the iron fell, hot side down, right onto my leg. I screamed, like any normal four year old with an iron on their leg would, very, very loudly. What I remember most about that memory though wasn't the actual pain. I remember my mommy carrying me down the stairs and running water onto my leg while I cried. I think it's kind of neat actually, that I'll always have that story written right on my right leg.

I have another scar on my knee. It's a small sort of wedge shaped scar. I was visiting with my mom and dad, my dad's ex-mother and father in law. Yes, I know that it is probably a little weird to be visiting your dad's ex-wife's family., but we are actually very, very close. Anyhow, I was sitting on a rocking chair and rocking away with as much force as a five year old can muster. I was probably rocking that chair a little too hard, because before I knew it the chair had flipped me forward onto the concrete floor and my knee was bleeding. I remember riding in the car with both my mom and my dad holding me while I cried. They took me to the doctor and I got three whole stitches.

Scars become a map of our lives. You get scars from childhood memories, life-threatening operations, having baby. Each scar is a reminder of a memory. Memories are what we carry with us of life. Memories are what build us and what make us who we are. Whether they are good memories or bad ones, they are a part of us, a part of humanity and a part of our life. In my opinion, that makes all scars beautiful.