~ ~ ~

"You'll make a great wife"
With one remark
you're ready to slip away
and wonder if he knows
what he's done
and if he has
wonder how he can be so stupid

The rumours have quietened
He hasn't been around
Then he says that
and you can hear the class titter
It doesn't bother you until later
and when it does
you cringe and start to write

It's one more thing he's done
On top of the staring
which is the part that bothers you
On top of the leaning to close
which invades your private space
On top of the rumours
which shouldn't bother you but they do

You think you're afraid
but you don't have to be
but you might end up crashing the car
for the second time around
Because history repeats itself
and you promised yourself this year
you wouldn't fall in...

It'll explain a lot
Explain at night why you imagine
his lips on your skin
his hands in places you don't touch
and why you cry while thinking of it
with the same 'Roxanne' verse
running through your head

He's at least twenty years older
That's not what bothers you
If he was a student you'd ask
"What the hell do you think you're doing?"
You can't this time
Not when he reads with you a script
and you're playing his lover

Your friends tell you to report him
but you think he's doing nothing wrong
Bit of staring, leaning, intense remarks
He hasn't laid a finger (yet)
You hope he's being innocent
that he doesn't know of the rumours
What are those chances, though?

The Child Protection Act
isn't here this time, isn't relevent
so it won't save you this time
You don't wish to report him
You don't want to make him uncomfortable
(or maybe you love him...)
but you're always crashing in the same car