A/N: This is the edited version of "Tonight". There aren't much changes. Please R&R and let me know what you think.

by battousai24

I'm losing my mind
I need to breathe
Nothing's worth staying for
Not even you

I can't make it now
Just leave me here
I'm giving up on everything
Even including you

I'm saying goodbye
Don't look for me in the morning
I won't be here

I'm leaving tonight
Don't expect me to give you a reason
I wouldn't tell you

I'm losing myself
I need to be free
You've already killed me
You can no longer save me

I can't take it anymore
Just leave me be
They were right about you after all
Just like I told you

I'm saying goodbye
Don't cry for me when you hear about me
I won't be able to see it

I'm leaving tonight
Don't expect me to remember
I know I'll forget you

I've lied to you so much
I don't even know why
You probably hate me now
But you know I don't care

Now I'll be gone soon
I can't really hate you
Although this is really hard
Soon, I have to forget you

You told me to let you know
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you through mail
Maybe I would have some time a bit later
Before the bullet hits my head

I want to say so much to you
I want to explain the reason behind the lies
But all I can manage to do is say goodbye
And tonight, I'll think of you one last time

I'm saying goodbye
I need to know you won't cry
I can no longer wipe them away

I'm leaving tonight
Thank you for everything you've done for me
I'm sorry, I'll just forget them anyway