If only you had told me that your life's end is near
I would have helped you to see another beautiful day
But instead you just took your life away
Leaving us looking for a reason to justify your death

They say when darkness falls there seems to be no way out
But if you search hard enough the light you will find
Only you gave up without even trying to fight
You left without searching for that light to lead the way

We could have survived through the dark days
In the end it would have brought nothing but sunrays
But you refused to take my hand to walk the dark ways
And now your existence is no more today

Nothing should have been strong enough to drive you to suicide
As long as you had me holding your hand, standing by your side
But you just refused to tell me what was wrong
And today, unfortunately you are gone

Memories consume my broken thoughts
I'm just unable to put together the dots
On why you chose to die so immature
When you could have waited for your time to come

What could I do other than cry sitting in your room?
Thinking about why your life was so doomed
Trying to understand why you didn't tell me your troubles
Why you never asked to cry on my shoulder

Why ever you killed yourself isn't justified in my eyes
Whenever I asked, you made me believe in your lies
But today I have to ask you exactly why
You never trusted me enough to tell me your problems

This life is full of many ups and downs
If people commit suicide every time they hit the ground
There would be no more people living in this land
Nor would there be any souls left up there in heaven

Did you ever think of me, your father, or your mother?
Didn't you even have the slightest wonder,
Before you shot yourself with that terrible gun,
How would they survive without a son?

No, you were too selfish to think about us
Your shadowing grief overtook your soul
You decided to be a coward right till the end
Why didn't you think of this good friend?

I'm telling you that life would have improved
Only if you would have given your life a chance
You could have had a glance on life's good side
But you chose to be completely gone and dead

So you see my friend, this didn't have to be the end
I could've helped you out, to find another way around
I could've lifted your happy spirit, and by this I mean it
You really didn't have to throw your life away

Author's Note: I Dedicate the above poem to all those who have thought
about or tried committing suicide (especially Deeksha). As my friend says,
there is nothing on earth, which can be bad enough to drive someone to kill