If only I could go back in time
And live my life all over again
I would change all the wrong
And relive all the pain

If only I could have made us work out
I would never have had a broken heart
And in the future would've seen myself a bride
Soon to be your trusting wife

If only I could be a kid again
I would be troublesome yet carefree to the end
Getting a brown tan under the burning hot sun
While digging for soft-bodied pink worms just before I run

If only I could fly like a bird
I would sing a sweet song for joy
Would feel the wind against my face
As against the wind itself I race

If only memories could be replayed
I would taste once again my first kiss
Relive my victory on the soccer field
And hear again all the praise for my very best

If only I could do those naughty deeds again
Egging my best friend's house
Spray paints and graffiti on the walls
Ruining my older brother's brand new car

If only I were given just one last chance
To show that from deep down inside I truly care
I would prove to you that I hurt too
And take away all your pain from you, even from the air

If only I had an instruction booklet on life
I would have been a guaranteed success
Never would have come across this big mess
Would have shown the world never to strive to exist

If only I got to make things right
I wouldn't be stuck in this hollow grave
I wouldn't have taken that drink that night
If only I could make these things go away

But a damn mistake I have made
And cannot set things right
The least I can do is prevent you from wondering why
Always remember never to drink and drive.