A/N: This is my reply to hakubaikou's (formerly eternaldream) "Goodbye" which was the reply to my poem "Tonight". I decided to put it up as well.

by battousai24

Tonight won't last that long
I'll have to say goodbye
Although my memories will fade
You'll never leave my mind

I said I would forget you
but I'm still not quite sure
All I want to say is I love you too
and I'm sorry that I've hurt you

I want to tell you that I care,
that I would always be there
but somehow I know that it's not right
I can't promise, I can't be there

I want to say so much to you
but I don't think I have much time
The clock is ticking away so fast
Any moment now, I'm gonna die

So one last time I'll tell you
I love you and goodbye
Tonight I will be gone
but a friend to me... you'll always be