Cry my darling lover,
Cry for me.
My heart aches for you, longs for you
To be here with me, wiping away the tears,
Telling me you will never let anything happen to me.
Then why do I cry?
I want you, need you, love you so much it hurts,
Not feeling you close to me.
Feeling your hand in mine,
Your lips on mine,
Your voice in my ear.
Cry my darling lover,
Cry for me.
Can I stand not being by your side for even a minute?
I can, but I long for you,
My heart cries out for you.
Yours forever I shall be,
Within your soft, gentle embrace, warm as spring sunshine,
Your kiss as soft as goose down pillows,
Your tongue like silk.
I want to be with you today, tomorrow, forever,
I want you to be the one to wipe away the tears,
The pain,
The fears.
Fill me with your love, your compassion, your understanding,
let me be what you seek and . . .
Cry my darling lover,
Cry for me.