This is a continuation/sequel to my last book, Becoming. I hope everyone enjoys it! Please review!!! XOXO ~Nat~

Christmas Eve morning dawned bright and early and with it my airplane flight home to Seattle.  Unfortunately I could only stay for two days before having to return to California. Even during the Christmas holidays we were busy with filming, in fact some days even more than usual. Even though I had to be back in California the day immediately after Christmas, I relished the opportunity to spend even a couple days with my family. I promised them that I would return the very next weekend I had off of work. That seemed to satisfy them.

Three days after I returned to California we were given a short break from filming, with an early afternoon dismissal. The girls decided that we needed to have another day together, like we had when we made gingerbread houses. So, Madison and I once again opened up our home to the small group of girls for an evening of facials, manicures, and chick flicks.

By time we had finished three movies, all the girls had fallen asleep except for Shannon and me. Madison, Angie, and Emily were sleeping on the large couch in our TV room and Aimee had crashed on the thick rug. Shannon and I ended up staying awake until almost four o'clock in the morning, talking about our lives and really getting to know each other, which we had never really taken time to do since I had joined the cast. We sat close to the window, huddled together in the slight moonlight, chatting about our high schools and Shannon's wedding. We finally fell asleep, but were awaken only a couple of hours later for our six thirty AM scheduled filming.

The other girls had no difficulty getting up so early since they had gotten a good five hours of sleep. Shannon and I, however, refused to wake up until six fifteen when the others had already dressed and eaten. Aimee and Angie pounced upon Shannon and me, forcing us to finally get up. We did not wish to upset Joshua, who was very particular about us not being late for work, so we reluctantly got up and hurried out to Emily's and Aimee's cars, Shannon and I still in our pajamas, accepting the bottled frappuccinos  from the other girls.

We reached the studios in record timing but were still the last to arrive (almost fifteen minutes late). Shannon and I strolled in slowly, behind the others, scuffling our slippered feet. Joshua met us all at the front door, frowning at first but then laughing when he noticed mine and Shannon's rumpled hair and smudged makeup. He realized that we must have had a late night and so his scolding ceased politely.

Luckily, the first few film sequences that morning only included a few people and not Shannon and me, for once. Shannon wandered over to the food table and acquired a muffin and more coffee for the both of us before leading me into her dressing room and curling up on the large couch.

"Do you think we should change?" Shannon glanced at her strawberry print boxers and my pineapple print pajama pants and giggled.

I untwisted the straps on my yellow tank top and yawned. "Probably, but I'm too tired."

We laughed and then lazily restarted the conversation that we had fallen asleep with the previous night. It was a discussion about boys. Since she was so happy with Phillip, she decided that it was necessary for me to have an equally perfect relationship to be equally happy, minus the marriage part of course. Since I had received Jake's letter, we still had not had an opportunity to talk, so I did not exactly consider myself "in a relationship" yet, and all that I could do was smile politely and nod appropriately.

"Don't you want a boyfriend, Callie?" Shannon grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch and spread it out over our legs.

"Sure I do," I smiled. "Every girl wants a boyfriend, right?" Tactfully, I turned her attention to the topic as a general statement, in order to avoid discussing myself.

Shannon nodded, "Yea, I guess we all do! Except for those of us that are married, of course!" She laughed for only a moment and her tiredness was obvious. Because of our late night, we both began to fall asleep in only a matter of minutes, sinking low on the comfortable couch.

Just as I started closing my eyes, Nick and Micah bounded into the room and made sleep impossible. We girls moaned and begged them to leave us alone so that we could sleep, but they rudely refused. Shannon pulled the blanket up over her head and I quickly followed her example. The boys were quiet for a few minutes and I thought they might have left, but they surprised us by pouncing on top of us and then pinning us down until we promised we'd wake up. Shannon stayed beneath the covers, blindly slapping at the air, instead of at Nick who was positioned mostly on top of her. Micah pulled the blanket away from me and stared into my eyes, only a inch away from my face, until I started giggling and screaming at him to get off of me. Micah blew on my neck, which happened to be an area where I was extremely ticklish, so I only giggled harder. When he realized that I was ticklish, he started tickling my ribs, more and more until we rolled off of the couch and onto the floor. My eyes were tearing now from all the uncontrollable laughter and I was slapping at him to get off of me; he finally obliged. I laid on the floor for a minutes because I was too lightheaded from all the laughter to sit up. Micah helped me back onto the couch, where Shannon was now sitting up.

"Why are you girls so tired?" Micah sat down on the floor in front of us with Nick at his side.

"Late night!" Shannon said simply with a shrug and a yawn.

"Yea? Hot dates?" Nick grinned and winked at Shannon.

"Oh yea, the hottest! Much better than either of you two!" I smiled sarcastically and tucked the blanket under my chin.

We joked like that for a while longer until Joshua required our participation on set and we were forced to get fixed into makeup and costumes and then we were stuck filming for the rest of the afternoon. By the time I was finally dismissed for the day, I was too tired to talk with Jake so I purposefully avoided him and took a taxi home, since Madison had plans straight from work. The sun was just setting when I climbed into bed.