AN- This is a story using DarkLadyNights's characters from 'Finding Heaven.' They are in NO WAY mine. She kindly let me borrow them to write my little smutty fic.

Warnings- Lemon, One-shot, Destin being absolutely cute, and swearing. Mild swearing.

Title- In the Rain

Armand and Destin sat in the living room one rainy night. The Gates' had gone out for the evening leaving them alone.

"Look's pretty bad out there, think the Gates' are ok?"

Destin asked Armand out of concern.

"I'm sure they're fine. Now, come here sweets."

Destin strolled over to Armand cautiously. It's not that he didn't trust Armand. He had been with him for the past few months now, and had slept with him on numerous occasions.

"What's wrong? Afraid I'll bite you hard or something?"

Armand laughed as a very big flash of lightning lit up the whole room, and in the next second the lights went out. Destin was scared to death.

"Armand? Where are you?"

Destin didn't get a reply. He had hated big storms like this, ever since he was a little kid.


Destin relaxed slightly when he felt arms encircling his waist.

"I'm right here sweets."

He heard Armand whisper in his ear. Armand could feel Destin trembling slightly.

"What's the matter Destin?"

"I don't really enjoy thunder storms all that well. When I was a kid, I used to get in bed with my mom"

Armand had a wicked grin on his face.

"Well come with me sweets. You can get in my bed."

Armand laughed.

"You are so bad. That joke wasn't even funny."

Destin tried to pull away from Armand, but he refused to let him go.

"It wasn't meant to be a joke. Now, come on."

Armand led Destin though the house. They reached the bedroom sometime later. After tripping over one another several times, and running into several tables.

"Is your knee ok Destin?"

Destin nodded. During one of the times they tripped, Destin had hit his knee pretty hard.

"You sure?"

"Yes. Now open the bedroom door."

"My, aren't we demanding this evening."

"I'm not demanding, I just want to cuddle with you."

Destin heard Armand laugh.

"What? Come on. I know you want to as well. Don't make fun of me."

"We aren't just going to cuddle Destin. I hope you know that."

Armand said while pushing Destin through the bedroom door. He closed the door behind him and led Destin over to the bed. There was a big bolt of lightning, which made Destin jump and reach for Armand's arm.

"It's ok Destin. I'm here."

Armand kissed Destin lightly, then began to undress him. As he began unbuttoning Destin's shirt, he moved his mouth down Destin's neck.


Destin gasped when he felt Armand lick at his chest. Once he had the shirt unbuttoned and thrown off to the floor, he began kissing and licking his way down Destin's stomach. Armand began undoing the button of Destin's jeans.


Destin asked, his breathing uneven.

"Yes Destin?"

"Could you.take me in your mouth?"

Armand could picture Destin's face as he said this. Sure they had been together for some time now but Destin was still shy when he asked Armand to do things.

"Yes Destin."

Armand quickly got Destin's pants off, and was working on his boxers. Once those were pulled off, he sat back a little to look at Destin. His eyes were adjusted to the dark enough, so he could see Destin.

"God, you are so beautiful."

Destin moaned when he felt Armand's hands running up and down his legs and thighs.

" more teasing, please."

Armand smirked. He loved teasing Destin.

"Please it."

Destin begged until Armand finally took the boys erection into his mouth. Destin moaned and bucked his hips up.

"Armand! Please.more."

Armand complied by swirling his tongue around the head. He heard what sounded like his name coming from Destin. If it was one thing Armand couldn't get enough of, it was his name being called out in ecstasy by Destin.


Destin yelled as he came. Armand swallowed, and pulled back to smile at Destin.

"God I love hearing my name from you."

Armand whispered in the boy's ear. The storm still raged on outside, but neither of them cared right now.

"Armand.I can't find the lube."

Destin stated as he felt around aimlessly on the table next to the bed.

"Well, sweets, if you would only sit up and look you would find it."

Armand shifted so Destin could sit up. He did indeed find it, and he handed it to Armand. Armand spread the cool gel on his middle and pointer fingers. He gently lifted Destin's legs, and ran his middle finger over his opening. He gently pushed the digit into his opening, and began thrusting it in and out of Destin.

"Armand.please not more teasing."

Destin begged as the second finger was added. He moaned loudly as Armand stretched him carefully. Armand curled his fingers just right, and hit Destin's sweet spot.

"Armand! Please.I need you now."

Armand complied, and pulled his fingers from Destin's body. He moved Destin's legs to rest on his shoulders.

"Are you ready sweets?"


Armand kissed Destin as he pushed into him slowly. Destin moaned into the kiss. He soon broke the kiss to breathe. He was panting and moaning as Armand began a small steady rhythm.

"Oh God.Destin."

Armand moaned feeling Destin's body tighten around him. No matter how many times Armand had taken Destin, the boy was always so tight.


Destin moaned out. He could feel himself almost there. Armand always had this effect on him. He could come all night at the hands of this man.


Destin could tell by the quickened pace that Armand was almost there.


Destin yelled as he came. Armand didn't even have to touch him. Destin heard Armand groan as he came inside of Destin. The two of them basked in the afterglow of orgasm, until Armand pulled out, and rested beside Destin.

"Hey, no going to sleep yet. We have to get cleaned up."

Armand whispered to the barely awake Destin.


Armand got up and pulled Destin with him. He drug him to the shower, and cleaned the two of them up. After the shower, they curled up together, and drifted off to sleep.

Armand awoke with a groan as the sun filled the room. Destin was already awake and smiling up at him.

"Morning sweets. How long have you been up?"

Destin kissed Armand's cheek, and replied.

"Not long."

"So.are you still afraid of storms?"

Destin thought for a moment.

"Nope. Not now that I have you as my lover to protect me. And as long as we can do that every storm?"

He grinned at Armand as Armand pinned him to the bed.

"Not just every storm Destin."

The End

AN- Feed back is greatly appreciated. Thanks again to DarkLadyNight for the use of her characters from Finding Heaven. Thank you!