I want to soar like an Eagle.
And touch the sky with my wings
I want to be a better person
So I could survive in stronger winds

I want to be able to feel the sunshine
And yet remain in solemn dreams
Oh how I wish I could let my heart free
To a land which I have never seen

How I wish I weren't chained down
By society which has made me a caged bird
Told me how to carry myself around
And always left me completely unheard

I want to hold the stars in my little hands
And bring the moon down to earth
Oh if only I could be a soaring bird
I would make all my dreams come true

I will show those who didn't believe
That I am right in my own ways
But for that I need the wings I never had
Wings of courage I must find in few days

The mockingbird so peacefully looking at me
I'm longing to be just like him
Without a troubled heart, just a song to sing
But society just made the song so dim

I believe in myself to the greatest extent
But those around just mock my feelings
Oh if only I could touch the beautiful sky
And bring about healing in my offended heart

That day will come very soon
When I'll be flying in the sky
That day no one will be able to say
That I was a failure when it comes to life

I have chosen my destiny carefully
Making sure I can really believe
The courageous wings I have chosen
To teach me how to fly and touch the sky

I will be off soon against everyone's will
But they will be with me before darkness sets in
I will make them realize how dreams can come true
This Eagle will show them who's right and who's wrong