In the shadow where I lurk
You meet the pleasant terror of your dreams
Searching for a new tomorrow
Where once again you find the eerie light I dread

In the shadow you're scared of yourself
Like a parasite I seize your life
You can feel me, touch me, take me higher
As you yourself just fall below

In the shadows of your time
I've been searching for bits of my life
Been walking, waking, surviving on the thunder
Refusing to end before my darkness ends

In the shadows of the past
A slave you and I have been
Searching for a way out to be free again
Onto the darkness I must forever cling

In the shadow lives the answer
The truth for all of my sinking lies
Like walking in a never-ending circle
My soul thrives on your shadow cast aside

In the shadow will lay my dead body
Once the battle between dark and light will end
You will be left incomplete without
The dark shadow for which you will grieve.