I'm sitting by the warm fire thinking about those days
The days when I would cry for little things
When I would dream up fantasies on the swing
Those days in which I would sing happy songs
And the days, which followed with a sorrowful heart

I remember the times I wept when I should have laughed
The times when I was angry for long when it didn't have to last
Those insults which always seemed to come from my mouth
Leaving a lasting impression on someone else's heart
Losing another friend and breaking another heart

The happiness and the sorrow, the anger and the pride
The feeling of my lips on another one's mind
The lasting impression never to be lost though now it fades
Oh how I loved him but how it all broke apart
Leaving an empty space in my forever beating heart

Confessions made slowly everyday to very good friends
Talking about obsessions, which we knew someday had to end
Everyday dreaming about ways to find our true loves
Thinking about reaching all the beautiful stars above
How I wonder if I've gone anywhere from those days

The times we sat and wept while I tried to save your life
The good that came out of it, today you're alive
Searching for a path in the quickly darkening light
Never letting you stumble and fall out of my sight
Oh how proud of myself I was back then, holding you up

Remember those parties we always used to attend?
The dancing, the singing, the getting drunk in the end
Those fun times I can never manage to forget
How I long for those days to return back to me
But knowing that I now have much more responsibility.

I'm coming back to my senses now that the sun is rising
If it weren't for you then I'd still be left philosophizing
And if my feelings aren't true at this critical moment
May this fire burn all that I now live for
And leave you behind to ponder over my memories