Change stole you from this world
Melted away the way you were before
Leaving behind the broken memories
Of a time when we were very much at ease.

I trusted you with my life and soul
But this faith in you shattered all my dreams
Left me helpless in this grey, rainy day
Watching as you melt away

Just like the snowflake in my hand
You disappeared behind a mask, not your own
Where once laughter was heard
Words were spoken no more.

This change left an empty place in my heart
A longing for the old you, not just a part
An empty feeling of regret and pain
Yet relief for myself not having changed

Summer's melted away the cold white snow
You've melted your personality forever more
And all I can do is wait and watch
As you lose everything you had ever gained

Maybe you will realize someday
Season's change has set you free
But alone without a friend-like soul
Until the winter I adore returns back to me.