this is to all the people who make fun of me and diss me but say they are
my friends
You think that by insulting me and my work, it will make you better than me
You're wrong
You think that by telling other people my secrets and lies about me, itll
make me seem stupid
You're wrong
You think you can act like bitches to me and suck up to everyone else, and
I wont notice
You're wrong
You think I will always tell you the answers, and it wont matter to me
You're wrong
You think that whatever I do is stupid, but when you do the same thing, it
makes you cool
You're wrong
Hey, I don't care what you think anymore
I am what I am and even though I don't know who that is yet,
I know it's NOT LIKE YOU!!!!!
So go to hell and get off my back, because I will NEVER be like you!