Middle School Life
Chapter 1: Tests

There comes a time in life when you must review the facts, and ultimately ask yourself, why the hell are you spending 3 hours of your life doing a lanyard. Now don't get me wrong, I love lanyards, but somewhere along the way of the over and under sequence that you must go through to reach the goal of a key ring you understand that, unless there is someone there doing the same thing with you, you feel stupid. So goes life.
Some humans tend to only proceed with their day only if they know someone is following the same pattern. I conducted an experiment of sorts to go with this fact. It consisted of a math test, 38 students and a time frame. No student will turn in their test first unless convinced they had sat there long enough to "finish" in the right time period. I decided to be the "starter". I turned in my paper.walked back to my desk. The moment my butt hit the chair several students got up. Come forth the people who had been finished, but didn't want to show it, which would have marked them as stupid, go figure.

Everyone wants to be first in line; no one wants to be first. It's silly but true. The first person would always be the one to make a mistake, the next few learn from the mistake and don't repeat it. I guess it is an "everybody for themselves" tactic. I try not to follow it, sure I avoid the first spot as best I can, but you can't always.

For instance, I finish my tests in class much faster then most of the people in that class. I find it frustrating that it takes me two hours to finish my homework, then only 20 minutes with a test, the same workload. So I always end up finished, with nothing to do. Here are my options: Retrace my steps on the test and make it look like I'm still working, or turn in the paper as people stare at me as I walk by. There used to be a third option, however I stopped doodling dragons and fairies on my papers in the sixth grade.

Looking around doesn't help; people would think your cheating. Some poor souls end up staring at their papers for a long period of time instead of doing something. There is nothing more amusing then watching someone attempt to burn their papers with eye-lasers.. superman style.

Then of course, for us "stupid" people, you come to a problem you don't get. You stare at it.nope, you still don't get. One of three things can happen here: 1. You are taking a test that requires a one sentence or word answer, then your screwed. 2. Your taking an essay test, where answers are in essay format, then you dole out the crap, use long words, speak around the subject, work up a good two paragraphs. Hey, you might get some points for your effort. Last, but not least number 3. You have a fill in the letter/number test. One where it's A, B, C, or D. Lucky you, teachers usually use B or C. Now what I do, is look at my above answers, see which letter I hadn't filled in for awhile, and presto! I have my answer. Now the smarter route would be to use deductive reasoning, simply rule out the stupid, obviously not the one answers and guess from there.
Besides, don't we always have to guess from some point?