Give me the run around and play your stupid games

I'll slowly weep, I'll slowly die, I'll slowly run myself insane

Why I bother telling you I'll never understand

But there's just something about screaming at the World

Shaking my fist at me crusty land

My desert of pain, my world of deceit

Drown myself and wash my feet

Wallow down with you and writhe

Is this what it feels like to be alive?

Your serpent's head and your glistening teeth

Your intoxicating words are what have got me beat

I'm within your grasp, willingly trapped within your coil

Will not matter how long I'll continue to toil

You hold me with your intoxication, in the palm of your hand

I'll say just one more time and I won't understand

How it feels like the truth, but I know it's the lie

I'll worship you 'till the day I die