Run faster, he's catching up - bleeding out the soul that is oozing out contempt

Scream out a gargled sound, hoping that magic horn will sound and inadvertently bring help

Tripping and falling only to rise again and try to run

The ropes tied around your ankles biting deep into your flesh

Panting, panting, swallowing the blood rising within your throat

Only to feel it hotly rise again... bile burns and your heart bleeds

Faster, faster, he looms behind you -- that dark shadow

Of fear - of fate? - of time

Give up baby, and kneel down in the dust, bow your head and say an empty prayer

The price we pay for living - though do we really live if we're always running?

Running from that shadow... Running from that thought...

Running from that inevitability...

He will catch you. One day. Somehow. He will find where you hide.

He will take you in his gentle grasp, though you resist so much.

And Time will give you his kiss of mortality.