Ever since I was young I have been, well sort of afraid of clowns. Not so much afraid as in the "I'm so scared" sense of the word, but more just apprehensive about them I suppose. I mean, what is the purpose of clowns exactly? Well, yea sure, clowns are meant to entertain people, making jokes to make people laugh and such; however, they actually seem to hide that purpose by their freakiness. Seriously, think about them! They're a bunch of strange guys who dress up in funky outfits and waddle around in Ronald McDonald shoes! What is with their outfits? There are some with giant waists that look as though they could hold a million pillows! Then there are the ones with large ties or fake flowers that squirt water! Come one, what's so funny about that? And then there's the makeup! They go around painting their faces all white and make their lips way too wide and their eyebrows much too high and triangular! And they're in bright colors like neon blue and fire engine reds which are way too unnatural to be on faces! Then there's the whole no talking thing, I mean isn't that supposed to be a mime's job. Sure, once in a while a clown will break his silence and whip out a semi-comedic one liner, but usually it's completely zipped lips with only their facial expressions to animate; however, usually their faces are so plastered with paints that they can't even change their expressions so they become labeled the "happy" clown and the "sad" clown. I don't really understand them. For the little kids that find clowns incredibly amusing and interesting, then good for them and I wish them the best of laughs. For me, though, I think that clowns and their bizarre behaviors should be retired.