Jason,The Dude Of Cool
By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Jason and I'm a very cool
Dude whose one and only tool
Is a pocket comb I use to comb out
My hair,but that's before I was wiped out
By this bummer news:I have to go to school.

To tell you the truth,
I would rather go make out with Ruth,
My one and only ladylove than go into a room
And sit among the other victims of gloom,
While someone teaches us their truth
About some stuff that we already know about!

So,like on all school days,I would sneak out
Of that classroom full of nerdy dorks and
Zoom on over to my garage for my rock band
Paratice for a group that's so way far out.

Of course,that means getting past Crossetti,
The security guard again,but hey,I'm ready
To handle that big lug one more time.
Sure,it may sound like a very big crime,
But as big as the gut on old man Crossetti!