Angelic Glances

I caught the moon sneaking
Peering at me though my window
Watching me as I slept
Full of peace and tranquil thoughts
Like this crescent stalker
I fell for my fallen angel
Underneath the starless sky
And that was when my glass was broken
My crystal eyes enlightened
And you tore me
Until you broke me in half
Do not worry about my scars
You healed me though it all
It's a good thing you brought me
From everything I know
So cold,
The world that was around me
I am glad to be gone
From the hell in which I once lived
I will never forget when I met you
And now I feel so free
Falling from the sky
I am riding high
Like on an angel's wing
Like on your wings
Of a bed of a thousand feathers
The piano plays a melody
Where we can both sing
A harmony so blue
And I smile as you stroke my hair
And you smile as I lay on your shoulder
You see it in my eyes
My heaven is with you
Shower me with your angelic glances
Because heaven is with you