Author's Note: This is one of the oldest poems of mine that I have... so don't expect too much. It's kind of sappy, and it's entirely fictional. Thanks for reading.

A Long Forgotten Memory
There is a memory
Lost inside my head
A long forgotten memory
One that's not yet dead
A memory of something sweet
Of someone who was kind
A lovely day in the fall
Resurfaced in my mind
A bright day, the air was cool
The leaves were turning red
A nice day, a green balloon
And a song stuck in my head
Walking down a lonely street
There came a stranger who
Asked my dreams to come out and play
That stranger - he was you
You took my hand - and my breath
And your smile took my heart
I walked with you - it was just us two
And you said we'd never part
Walking there, hand in hand
I thought that this was love
But it was not meant to be
This thing that I called love
We drifted from each other
We simply fell apart
Desire lost, we went our ways
But you remain here in my heart
A memory, a lost memory
Forgotten until now
As I'm sitting here all by myself
I wish I could be with you somehow

TMK 11/13/00