Alethea's Ballad

She stood at the end of the hallway,
looking around, seeing no one.
There was never anyone around,
when she needed them,
or when she didn't.
She wished they could har her thoughts,
and come to her rescue.
She ran away, down the hall,
never faltering in her steps.
Her voice echoed in the emptiness
and her cries were unheard,
trapped in that hallway.
The voices taunted the girl
as her feet carried her farther away.
She crashed through the window,
breaking the stained glass
and shards danced around her.
Her tears turned to blood,
and there was still no savior.
Her screams finally stopped
as she took in her last breath.
And she fell to the ground.

A/N: A poem dedicated to my best friend and twin sister, Caitlin Alethea Rae. I hope you read this someday, wherever you are, and get a hold of me. I'm still where I was.