Author's Note: I wrote this poem after reading an article in Reader's Digest (based on when I wrote it, I'm guessing it was either the August or September 2002 RD, but I'm not sure). It was about a little girl who needed a transplant, and the donor was one of the firefighters who later died saving people during the September 11th attacks. After reading the article, something just compelled me to write, and thus I present this poem. Dedicated to Chantyl Peters and Terry Farrell.

My Angel
I was dying
My family could not save me
I wanted to live
And you came to my rescue
Firefighter, NYC
You were my new best friend
And I prayed
When I saw those planes
I prayed for you
My Angel
You were busy
Saving others, saving lives
Bravest of the brave
And now you're gone
Back to heaven
From where you came
My Angel
You saved my life
And many others
My quiet hero
Meant for me
I know you are an angel
Watching over me
Smiling, sad and tearful
My Angel
You'll always be

TMK 8/26/02