When You Went Away Again
I hold my head in dismay
things just aren't working out this way
you're gone and life is so empty
get out of my head
leave me all alone again
it's so unfair that I'm ignored
what is it that makes me so bad
I can't try any harder than I already have
I'm lost and I can't find my way back again
there's the useless matter brought up again
it brings back memories and tearless eyes
dead and dying life all around me
it's useless when I can't do anything
I can't stop the music for so long
I can't remember the little things I forgot
it burns like cold ice and fire
without fuel enough to give off warmth
continuous and forgotten for ever again
and continue back to the start
it's ending, over, and dark the night
the stars no longer whisper back
I'm guiding you with the wrong hand
no one talks or says anything back
about when you went away again

TMK 2/4/03