Author's Note: This was written for an English assignment in 11th grade. It was also published in my high school's yearly literary magazine. For those who may wonder, and ode poem is "a tribute to someone or something. It can be serious or humourous. It should attempt to capture the significant attributes of the person or thing." Thanks for reading.

Ode to My Favourite Food
Oh Fishsticks, golden wonderful Fishsticks,
you are a meal fit for a King.
Your lovely aroma permeates the air,
making both eyes and mouth water -
in joy and in hunger, respectively.
Delicious Fishsticks, upon you I love to feast;
crunchy breaded outside, tender fishy inside,
you top my list of favourite meats.
Warm and tasty, you reach perfection
when fully submerged in ketchup.
Oh Fishsticks, my belov├ęd Fishsticks,
you are a rare, exquisite treat
found in the Aisle of Frozen Foods.
Seven servings transform into two
and soon disappear into nothingness.
Fishsticks, Fishsticks, fleeting Fishsticks,
I have eaten you, and you are no more.
Not a single one has been spared
its utter demise in my stomach.
Oh Fishsticks, you are my favourite food.

TMK 2/24/03