Author's Note: This was written during Chemistry for my 11th grade English class, but I later decided against using it for class because the ending is, ah, a little creepy (with the intention of being amusing). Mr. Demay was my wonderfully unengaging Chemistry teacher. Thanks for reading.

Ode to the Wall Socket
With metallic radiance,
you are captivating.
Far more interesting, indeed,
than Mr. Demay's lecture.
You are so distinct
from the pale pink wall.
You provide the T.V.
with electricity; however -
it is all gone to waste;
the T.V. is not on.
You are mesmerizing -
more so than the periodic table.
Each socket stares at me
with its slotted eyes.
Why do you frown so?
Does Mr. Demay make you sad?
The world cares little for you;
your only friend, the clock on the wall.
But even it is battery-powered.
Do not despair, oh shining wall socket -
there is hope in this bleak world.
You entertain me and keep me sane
when I'm not listening in Chemistry.
Your lovely little rounded face,
it speaks to me...
What's that, little friend?
Destroy the humans, you say?
Silly little wall socket, don't you know?
They'd be far more useful as our slaves.

TMK 2/24/03