Author's Note: I enjoy sleeping. So I wrote a poem about it. Thanks for reading!

Ode to Sleep
Oh Sleep, Sleep, wondrous Sleep -
I adore thee so. I despair
when we are parted, but I know
we will meet again, in Chemistry.
Oh blissful Sleep! you transport me
from this weary world unto
a paradise of dreams, if only
for eight hours or so. I cannot
say ill of you, oh bless├ęd Sleep,
my favourite thing of things;
with pillow or textbook beneath
my head, joyous will be our meeting,
and grievous when I must depart.
It is you to whom I look forward
every afternoon and night; it is you
I meet at end of Day, when I turn out
the light. Oh Sleep, Sleep, I await
your coming, and soon shall it be;
for already in your hands you hold
every person around me, as we struggle
desperately to listen during Chemistry.

TMK 2/24/04