Such Good Friends
I'm sorry that we're not the way we were
It's my fault that I'm no longer close to you
Things have changed so much; we're different now
Our friendship isn't what it used to be
I'm so far apart from you right now
But this is how it's always been
I never could say anything to you
But we were friends; and it's not the same
We never see each other and I don't try
I think I'm scared of what to do
It was never easy and now it's even hard
We were never the same; I think you knew
But we had so much fun so it didn't matter anyway
I think I miss the old times a lot
Because we did a lot of crazy stuff
I was always the level-headed sidekick
And I always went along with what you did
You were so cool; that's all I wanted to be
I just didn't want to be left out is all
I used to know what went on inside your head
Now I just don't know; I'm not too sure
Everything just keeps changing on and all around us
And I see myself get further away
It's not like way back when and all
When we used to be such good friends
I don't know what my problem is right now
I think our differences are finally showing through
I don't know; we're just not the same as we used to be
Which isn't such a bad thing in the end
But we'll never be the same again
You're still my number one; you've always been
I can't help it that you're my best friend
It's been so long; it's been so long
We've been friends for all this time
It's been like no time at all
But we've been through so much stuff
I don't even know how we became friends
But I'm glad we did; I really am
It's a great thing that we've had

TMK 3/29/03