Waiting To Be
Words are not enough
to say the things I feel
I feel alive
but only half the time
What the point is
I cannot tell
but there's bound to be one
somewhere out there
in the places I have never been
I want to see the world
without pain and danger
double meanings
are what life is all about
I want to see things that go unseen
but I lack the talent and skill
and I'm not strong enough
I'm everything but what I want to be
but it's okay because I know it
and I know I won't do nothing
I'll wait my turn
and show everyone
who I am
but the time has yet to come
wait for me I won't be long
I never have
I never really wanted to
and I'm okay with that
let's go because
I don't want to be here any longer
I'd rather wander and be alone
it's what I'm suited for
I'm waiting to be
the King I'm supposed to be
It won't take long.

TMK 3/31/03