Author's Note: We were forced to attend this safety assembly at school. Apparently they figured that if they grossed us out enough, people would stop drinking and driving and would always wear their seatbelts. The poem presents my feelings on the subject.

Seatbelt Safety Assembly
I do not
need to see
graphic images
of people
by their own
stupid mistakes.
I'm not like
the other kids
who need to learn
a lesson
and need
to be shown
I know
what death
looks like.
I've seen it
a thousand times
and I know
better than that.
I truly do.
I'm not like
the ignorant ones
that just say
they understand.
They may need
to open their eyes
but I don't.
I'm sick
of everyone
that I don't
have the common sense
for self preservation.
Don't talk to me about it.
I have enough horrors
inside my head.
I have enough
people to mourn.
I've seen enough
blood and death
to know better
than to compromise
my own life.
I'm smarter than that.
You speak
and they see
but how much of it
do they still
They don't listen.
They never do.
And even when
the worst happens
the memory only lasts
for so long
before they go back
to killing themselves
because they will
never learn.
So I have to
write poetry
and ignore the man
in his stage voice
while the others
watch and listen
and decide
for themselves
that they will never

those that die
and those that live
those that cry
and those that cringe
and there isn't any hope
for any of them.

and how sad it is.

"1-2-3 not it!"

I don't drink
and I don't smoke
and I don't do drugs
and maybe that'd hard
for other people
to understand.
But I don't
understand them

TMK 5/6/04