The Doubting-Voice
Whenever I have done a thing
(most especially for a thing done well),
I hear a little tiny voice
that whispers (never yells),
"Are you sure that's it?"
I hear it come from in my mind
(it sneaks up from the back),
review my deeds, and,
noting where I might've slacked,
say, "Is that the best you can do?"
It comes and goes as it sees fit
but never finds kind words to say.
It points out faults and lame mistakes,
every error that I have made,
muttering, "Are you really happy with that?"
The only voice I can't ignore
(and trust me, I have tried),
it knows all that I've done wrong,
all my sins and every lie.
It is my Doubting-Voice.
If I did not have my doubting-voice
I would be sure that this is it,
without a doubt, I've done my best,
and I would be happy with every bit.
But, instead, I have my doubts.

TMK 7/19/04