Author's Note: I wrote this while on vacation in upstate New York. I live in Florida in an area that was supposed to get slammed by Hurricane Charley... luckily, my town was bypassed by the storm's fury. Thanks for reading.

rain, wind, blow
it's hurricane season
and there he goes
strange name, charley
storming up the coast
with everybody running
except a few brave souls
boarding up the windows
and the schoolhouse closed
waiting 'til the morning
to see how it goes
no cell transmission
and god only knows
where we'll be by tomorrow.
the weather channel shows
it'll hit us hard
and the wind'll blow
and the cats and the birds
will be on their own
and I've called everybody
but they don't answer their phones
and it's 10:41 on a Thursday night.
and the news is old
but it's Grampa's birthday
so let the winds blow
because we drove a thousand miles
to get away from home
and now that we're here
it seems we have to go
and there's nowhere left to go
because we can't go home.
and the cats and the birds
and their cellular phones
are all gonna be there when we get back
because, if anything, there's one thing I know
it's hurricane season
and charley's not home.

rain, wind, blow.

TMK 8/12/04