Author's Note: Written on my way home, driving from upstate New York to Florida. Random sights that I saw and more random thoughts that filtered through my brain. Quite long. A few sprinklings of quotes from Beatles' songs. Thanks for reading.

Going Home
0 miles to the gallon
toll booth
hoodlums from Vermont
bleary skies forever
biting my nails
staring down a storm
sore neck heavy eyes
Beatles downtown Buffalo
Niagara Falls I-90
perching on a lamppost
going sixty-five
speed limit 55
free call no cellphones
trailer boat van truck
fair traffic exit 56
Erie west
exit only
cornhusker trailmobile
stone house on wheels
everywhere in rush hour
unexpected harmony
slam on the brakes
venture Mike Barnard
no U thruway
have a good one thank you
PA Line 65 two-ten
won't you please
birds on a wire
raceway Blasdell
orange cone deer crossing
greatest hits
cello raining down
big tree road
passing on the left
water tower of hamburg
stomach pains
quinn's west end inn
fifty-seven seventy-five forty
ramp camp comfort 65
buckle up!
Angola Lavazza ten miles
2400 so far
grassy knolls yellow poles
mile 439
beautiful trees ugly highway
bridge without water
lakeview and getting sleepy
passing an empty car
paperback writer neck pain
missed the falls down there
wisdom teeth next 4 miles
new way home
eden clicking submarine
going south out of tune harmony
keep right except to pass
fallen trees falling rain
grey sky flash
human blackout
seat recline
gone 62 with 369
where do they all belong
shivers ippolito truck
naked branches blue-black subaru
dial 911 white right
tractor monsters eating greens
trumpet solo penny lane
drum roll please love
mile strip road speeding by
it's easy
river road gowanda
flashers under 40
left eye blind
mile 457 and time goes by
grapevines say hello
defrost freeze
no peace for what I believe
bass drum keeps me going
flash of yellow in the trees
waver pass glance and drive
no sneak peeks
clap the beat saxophone
sore stiff neck minus sleep
tambourine entrance
then you begin
hypnotize rock the cradle
should be sleeping awake
Jamestown 59 lily dale
strange car speeding away
brief reprieve bridge and bennett road
heavy rain trucking a bus
no looking around
lights sights and xylophones
shift and sleep
nothing gusty thinking too much
safety belt loose pull tight
3 together
let it be
shiver cold octave higher
toll again arrow
pen ink spin the tires
Daisy may harmonica today
whack on the head pain complete
crossover fm shifting down
ufo attracter
no interest no payment
casino eye double-CD
missed the valley too
stabbed through the navel
no response
robot voice percussion jam
hear it motor muffler
I like strange men
79 to Pittsburgh
ballad sad sky shining
phone rings in the background
take it slow it down
shaky icy bridge go south
jesus speed us pass the moon
common sixth sense
Barry Mannilow missed miss
ten thirty minutes 80s 90s today
woodblock chime session with guitar
front seat passenger side forever
shotgun sandwich maker backseat
yearly treks to Buffalo
sweaters on my teeth
yes that's gross
one mile to go
crawford county line welcome center
crack my neck
grassy sandals and trash
my hair looks like feels like
sit down sick
stranger smoking in the car next door
scratch those fleas Daisy
tug on the leash and watch the cars go by
no fun allowed in the pet area
little chihuahua stepping stopped
push it back to stop the pain
equipped with logistic system
reading your book as we drive away
maddening street signs
cd load another day
sky the clouds and underneath
parched like this morning
track two's the best
nice iced coca-cola classic
clear my throat
birches on the right
damn upper respiratory
swollen gums and 3500 slots
what are you writing
because I couldn't sleep
smells atrociously like dog food
do not pass rumble strips ahead
stay in lane construction zone
separated by a valley of trees
safe distance between vehicles
evil seatbelts let Dad sleep
emergency pull-off 1500 feet
sun shines through the clouds up high
brayman trailer flagman coach
tempo change in the work area
throbbing pain in my head but brief
road trip home more or less
free tire in the road
leap across the bridge and pass with care
red detour candy-coating the pain
New Castle fifty-four
every two minutes something new
two trips and total odometer
Mercer County and the trees
weigh station picnic tables
I try not to breathe in too deep
georgetown road strangling good call
explaining that to Ruth or everyone
free-floating head on a stiff neck
sandy lake greenville a mile
I know where I get my rage
gas food-fuel and exit 130 et cetera
missed the sign written in blue
barnyard solar sky
silos and an american flag in a ditch
across Pennsylvania
anna maria wines and spirits
schoolbus graveyard got cancelled
jackson township jefferson starship
built this city fox mine road
plastic bucket made of red
stop me from writing never still
something dead and furry fury poor soul
ending lane changing ways and lives
new castle again with pittsburgh
start looking for a new CD already
asleep and soundly snoring
can't go wrong with pirates
fallover trucks tipping fast at 30
commanding number two again
H is for hospital exit 113
Kings get a discount
groove city fireworks 9:05 pm
little birdy suicide
into the tires and out again
alive but we may never know
safety break a thousand feet
blank cd full of holes and silent
not a snake evening star motel
slippery rock university USA
bring it home walmart
slippery rock creek delta track and field
sow down save a life reverberation
between vehicles sun is out and in my eye
I need a new castle butler
useless electric signs and groovy bass
Prospect in the hills track five
use both lanes to merge point
I'd like to thank the great state of Pennsylvania
and Brown's Country Kitchen
because it gives me something to write about
on the long trip home.
not out yet
give it an hour no guide rail
TWiP Road 357
and how many more
stinging eyes and three orange flags
90 miles left no forward
I could be watching T.V. right now
thank god I'm not Zelianople
permit me to not explain
Mazak as sun beams rift through the clouds
Total Logistic Control Zeeland MI
birds flying scared and safe up high
water supply RV city trucking mti
let the other lane merge
tension music helps the aches and pains
buckle up or you're insane
yeah keep going south to Pittsburgh
someplace with a lot of electrical lines
shouting into cell phones
no worries for the hurricane
sweating bullets against the flood
passing the U.S. Xpress
Mount Nebo Sewickley and others
inching along in the pouring rain
not a wasted day off for shipbuilders
the schools have been duped by less than an inch
that Daisy's so good at sleeping
single lonely tree looking for a friend
shorn from solid rock
flying low there airplane
cookie cutter mansions on the top of the hill
those trucks are hauling
semi-truck drag race
factory sending up smoke all day
back on and stopped involuntarily
township of Cecil going into Washington
California University of Pennsylvania
now that's just confusing
heading out to drive around town
a town called Eighty Four off 43
driving under a crazy bridge
raise the temperature by one degree
Tolko lumber truck caution wide right turns
ever wonder why we're so far from home
Morgantown keeps us going south
turning the compass dial
hooray for tepidity in gingerale
Exxon in the hills with Subway
what's being fenced in
had to drag her down into the water
just starting to rain again
Prosperity in only two miles
satin is the devil's fabric
mists among the trees
wasn't aware that dogs had hands
not the fastest but the easiest to catch up to
abandoned van that could've been us
Kubota tractor country welcomes you
mor for less these letters are expensive
24 lines to the page and still going
the muted colors of the hills and sunset at 7:41
still uninhabited in some places
Garards Fort Kirby no apostrophe
I don't like driving too close to Ohio
ess arr twenty eighteen
rickety old road abyssmal pencil grip
the deer are still crossing the road
perry mile 5 and almost out of here
never thanked too soon it seems
lurching along on this old highway
side-stabbing pain is new to me
I can still see gray clouds to the right
Monongalia a certified business location
toll free reservations West Virginia
sandals on the wrong feet
stopped again then driving
grey skies looming overhead
you don't get to see as much when you're driving
now that it's dark and late
it's goodnight to you 19
listening to the radio
and writing in darkness
thinking of you and others
ending it here for now
goodnight until tomorrow

mountains in the sky
rates dependent on the weather
the "Hoss" Nesbit interchange
Sesquicentennial is a made-up word
sea turtle in the backseat
the cherrypickers that only Dad can see

TMK 8/13-14/04