The Beginning

"What are you doing Zandra?" "I can't let him destroy you, for loving Ram" "Zandra, I can't leave my home, I can't leave Rainbow." "Blues listen to me I can't let Luther find out about you in Ram or he will have you vanish from the kingdom forever." " Zandra, I need to be here to help fight." "Blues how can you help fight when you're already dead if Luther finds out you in Ram are lovers he will have you killed? "Blues listen to me I will send for you when the fight is over because you're in no condition to fight. Zandra pulled his necklace off in gave it to his sister for good luck.

"Blues keep this, this will help you remember us once you're down on earth you can't have any contact with Rainbow or Luther will know where you are." "Zandra, I don't want to go." "Blues you got to go if you want to have a future for yourself, I can't let him destroy you for loving Ram even though our families are at war right now." Zandra, hug his sister and Blues set down while Zandra pushed the boat away.