I'm not as good at this as my muse is, but I hope she gets the point! I was recently told that if I don't respect my muse, I could lose it. Besides, it's about time I find a way to let my muse know how much she means to me.

You inspire me

in ways you can't even imagine

in ways I can't even describe

you open my mind to possibilities I hadn't even considered

to ideas I never would have conceived

You inspire me

to do things I never thought of doing

to feel emotions I didn't know I had

to believe in myself

to belive in others

to believe in you

to believe that all things are possible

You inspire me

you are my muse

you spark something within in me

a part of myself I'd never explored

a part of my soul that wouldn't have existed without you

You inspire me

I wonder if you'll ever know

how much you mean to me

how much you've touched me

how much you've changed mine life

You are my muse