Burning In Laughter
By Shion
Little song for the non-believer inside me. Not really all what I wanted it
to be.
Not like you used to be nice
Not like I care
Not like you never said yes
Not that you dare
You listen to what they say
But my words are going cold
You laugh when I turn away
But my story's getting old
Shut your mouth with duct tape
Make sure you cannot escape
Then blink and we have switched places
I hate it when you cover me with graces
Don't lie to me
Don't die on me
Tie me up
Beat on me
Just don't leave
I was waiting for an answer
How sweet of you to reply
Burning in laughter
Asking me why
I ask the questions hear
Shut up and burn my dear
Cry like I care
Cry like I care
I smile and hold my hand out again
I am drying up
I am burning out
I am not like I want to be
C'mon now and set me free
Spread my nothing in the sea
I'm so selfish, look at me
What do you feel now, baby
I care, I try to
What did you do
I see your bruises
Taste your lies
I look straight through your disguise
I smile and hold my life out again
You were looking for an angel
But you found me along the way
Burning in laughter
Ask me away
Honey there's nothing left to lose
They know the lies, and we know the truths
You'll run out of answers
You'll be the one to lose
Loving me
Loving you
A sadistic thing, but ever true
Tie me up, I'll burn you
We were paranoid about each other
But nothing's worse than sunny weather
Burning in Laughter
Just go away