Your face gets red
Your lip is trembling
And you're making that whiney noise
I'll do anything for you baby brother!
But please don't cry!

Your eyes are going round
Why are your lips pouting a little?
And your hands are clasped together in that innocent way
I'll do anything for you big sister!
But stop making that puppy-dog face!

Somehow, your eyes are getting bigger
You've got your hands up like a pray
Saying that really annoying 'Pleeease?'
I'll do anything for you pal!
But only because you said please!

I don't like the way your knuckles are cracking
You're angry scowl is angrier than ever
And I reeeeally don't like that mean look in your eyes
I'll do anything for you Mister school-bully!
But please don't pound me!

You're grinning awfully weirdly
The note is waving in my face
And you're hand is going up, up, up…
I'll do anything for you Miss school Bitch!
But only if you don't tell the teacher!

Your glasses are tilted
You're sighing like you're disappointed
And you're eyeing the phone…
I'll do anything for you Teach!
But don't give me detention!

I said no, and that's final
I mean it, you wont get me to change my mind
I'll do anything for you my beloved!
But please don't stop kissing me!

I have to take out all the dirty clothes I have
And the trash off my desk
Then clean the rest of my room
I'll do anything for you mommy!
But only if I get the advance you promised!

Your brow is up in an 'oh really' look
Muscular arms are crossed loftily
And you've stopped slouching
I'll do anything for you daddy!
But please don't ground me!