Angry With the Angels
By Shion


I am happy with God
Look what he has given me
But why am I so depressed with myself
What did I do wrong

Did the angels bury me with hell
Did they not think I'd do so well
Why did they assume when I flew that I'd fell
I am flying still, but tied to anvils

I am happy with the devils
And the man himself
But I am not so very in the mood
With the angels

Angry with the angels
They didn't trust my soul
Angry with the angels
What little they do know

I am happy with my family
I love how they are smiling
I laugh myself to death sometimes
Just to keep them in their pride

But why am I so dark inside
Like no one wants me to cry
But I feel the pull of wish to die
Did the angels take my happiness
Are they to blame for all of this

I am overjoyed with everyone
I am so glad they are having fun
Work all day, sleep all night
Keep the family budgets tight
But they are being hovered up
When I am falling down on my luck

Angry with the angels
They didn't give a chance
Angry with the angels
Laughing as they dance

I love you all, in your own way
What you do and don't all day
I don't care who you love
But the angels will not have their way

I am going deeper gray
No one's left to untie me
I want to live another day
But the angels pull their weight

I am giddy with love for everything
Nothing too good for my wing
Every one can come in
But the angels burn the wind

Angry with the angels
Ruining my dreams
Angry with the angels
Burning from the seams

Angry with the angels
But not so far as hate
Angry with the angels
Who burn me at the stake

Look at me angels as I burn
Falling hoping you will learn
You go on, and you continue
I am one mistake, don't make two

Angry with the angels
They begin to cry
Angry with the angels
Watch my body die