All her life, this was all she had known. This squelching hot environment, made worse by the stuffy interior of a proper home. This ceaseless and repetitive daily routine of vigorous lessons and manners, reduced only when exchanged for something, if possible, even more restraining, such as hosting a formal dinner party. This curious wondering of whether or not she will ever be reunited with her true family and then realize where she truly belongs and, no, wait, that is only the story which she had constructed at a young age for the benefit of anyone who might inquire as to her past. In truth, she knew well who she was and to whom she belonged to. Perhaps if she knew less of her true family, she would not feel so obligated to lie to anyone who wished to know. Although it, the pretending, was unbearable at times, young Sadie could not entirely complain. She had been raised well by a loving woman who would at any moment willingly give up her own popular lifestyle, if it meant that her foster daughter might have a chance at a perfect life, founded by a perfect marriage. As it were, Sadie was often being instructed to socialize with the high-standing gentlemen of the town, flirting, not entirely unwillingly and complimenting in partial earnest until each and every one of the men had taken a notice and most likely an interest in the young and lovely girl.

On one particular night, not too different from all her others, save for the unusual absence of guests in the boarding house in which Sadie lived, she was again invited to an evening party that would be undoubtedly swarming with pertinent suitors. Mrs. Marrow routinely ordered her three best maids to prepare Sadie for the party, dressing her in full undergarments (complete with silk petticoats, impractical tournures, and uncomfortably stiff corsets), and then finishing off the already gaudy evening dress (with excessive garniture) by decorating her neck and arms with plenty of jewelry. Sadie did not particularly detest the exquisite torture of dressing up for parties, but that still did not keep her from emitting dozens of blasé sighs and moans as she was primped endlessly to her foster mother's satisfaction. Eventually, the exaggerated dressing preparations were finished and Sadie was ushered into Mrs. Marrow's best carriage and driven off to the party at a home of a wealthy couple whom Sadie had met through Mrs. Marrow's extreme coaxing.

Even though Sadie knew she would be well-received at the party, she couldn't help feeling nervous and anxious about having to socialize with the self-declared superior crowd of strangers. As the carriage pulled up out front of the extraordinary mansion, Sadie's anxiety began to lessen as she noticed a few of her close girl friends entering the tall double, front doors. The coachman opened the carriage door and helped her step down. All at once, Sadie's timid apprehensions evaporated and the bold excitement she always felt at these types of social gatherings surfaced. Her fears of boredom switched to anticipation of fun and the realization of the ability to expose her charms in a shyly flirtatious manner. Sadie was a proper and beautiful young lady and she was not ashamed of using her wiles for her own benefit. That may sound snobbish or dishonest but along with being conveniently flirtatious, Sadie was the most gentle, kind-hearted, and sensitive girl in the town. No one could deny her mature yet naïve appeal. She was exactly the type of young lady whom every man would desire to make a wife. If only her concealed childhood was not quite so terrible, then she would be the ultimate wife in all aspects for anyone; even the most respectable gentleman. But, even the best of secrets would have to be revealed one day. Sadie's mind reeled with the tragic realism of her true condition, before Mrs. Marrow, and for a brief moment she hesitated. This faltering had happened before, many times actually, as Sadie approached the evening décor of a socialite's party. She would begin to convince herself that she did not belong in this world and that everyone would find out and her whole life would be ruined. Everything she had worked so hard to achieve. All the finery and good opinions...gone in one instant.