I hate the fact that the phrase is so hard to say.

Like the rain, love is. You really don't know when it stops.
Oh God, save me- I'm falling too fast;
Vivacious eyes and a beautiful face-you are perfect inside and out!
Eternal and everlasting... Or at least we all hope so.

You; Yes I remember that I despised your guts!
Of all the people I hated, it had to be you I fell so in love with.
Unbelievably, I forgot about that thought a long time ago.

A few years have gone by, and things have changed.
Now you're different. Why? You have left me behind. Why?
Dust has collected itself onto the lonely space that is my mind.


I hate the fact that it isn't as hard to say as 'I love you'

However the pain is just too much.
Accidentally said-or extremely meant,
There is nothing that could ever rival the sadness this brings!
Eventually everything will melt down and reside with the ashes.

You were once the love of my life, yes you were!
Oh no, here I am again, missing the times we spent together.
Under the darkness, I will hide. Until I can learn to love you again.