What would we be if faith existed not?
Mere shadows living the life of a stationary rock
No faith in ourselves, no faith in our God
Without faith, how can this world turn about?

All the worldly pleasures set before the sun
Will do us no good if out of faith we have run
The mansions, the pools, the newly made discoveries
Will all go in vain if with faith we are not at ease

The burning fire will go out if in wood it believes no more
Darkness will wash over the sands and the seashore
The rivers will stop flowing if they begin to distrust
The earth will be emptied of souls and be replaced by rust

Life will become full of nothing but worries and much evil
The whole human existence will soon cease to exist
Once we refuse to keep faith in our potential
That day will symbolize our downfall; it will be much too late

Relationships will fall apart; there will be no more importance in God
Countries will crumble into dust; governments will fade, forming the dusk
People will be left with hollow hearts; nature without the healing power
All this will come about even if only faith is what we lack

Faith is like love, without it a man cannot survive
If not for faith, man would have nothing left on which to thrive
Without what we call faith, our existence cannot be justified
Life would be a much harder mystery to solve for philosophers today alive

Faith is all I need to guide me through life
Faith in God, faith in myself, faith in the leading light
The whole universe revolves around faith, and also everything hence
And now I must finally say, faith is truly competence