I hold you close
One moment in time
Why can't you see
That your pain is mine

My tears fall quietly
On lacerated skin
I simply can't see
What made you begin

How can someone hurt
As much as I do
To cause themselves torment
To give themselves proof

To see themselves bleed
Release anger and pain
By taking a knife
And opening a vein

I cry to myself
What can be done?
There's nothing to do
This pain can't be numbed

So helpless and scared
I rock you to sleep
You look satisfied
But those cuts are so deep

You pull away gently
Look into my eyes
I see how you've hidden
I hear all of your lies

I love you so much
Why did you start?
Every single cut
Is etched into my heart

I can not forget
I'll try to forgive
But I want you to know
I need you to live

Without you I'd die
I wither away
I love you too much
I need you to stay