Disclaimer: I do not own milk. It is a product made up by a guy who probably liked squeezing cow udders. *Ahem* So please don't sue me...

Pints of putrid, liquid scented
Gurgling,churning unrelented.

Screeches from my mom so dear
finding what I mostly feared.

Feelings of my guilt grew stronger
Hiding in my room no longer.

Facing my mother seemed much to bear
And all I really did was stare

At the crusting, spoiling milk
On my mother's dress of silk.

Glaring eyes met mine, of course
And though my voice was very hoarse

I muttered that my sibling did it
And my mother then did pivot

To my sister's room for a scolding
'Bout the milk that now was molding.

I did feel bad she got blame
for the secret I did not claim.

But, all you children know out there
an angry mother can be quite a scare

Notes: Yeah, I know kinda corny, huh? I wrote this when I was 12 due to the experience(hee hee). Anyway, please review! This is my first fanfic/poem and I can really use the backup! Oh, and flames will be used for my milk spoiling experiment! Mwahahahahahahahaha!